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Name    (Country of Origin)        DescriptionPrice
Acer palmatum (red maple)  (Japan)           Deciduous woody trees - leaves vary in size, shape, and colorM $35.00
Acer palmatum dissectum "Tamukeyama" (Japan) Lace leaf maple treeM $50.00
Adansonia digitata      


"Baobab Tree" lobed leaves, succulent trunkM $25.00  L $45.00
Adansonia gibbosa (Australia)                                 (formerly A. gregorii)Decorative, digitate leavesM $25.00  L $35.00
Adansonia grandidieri (Madagascar)Columnar trunk, reddish bark, digitate leavesM $25.00  L $35.00
Adansonia madagascariensis (Madagascar)Larger growing than A. rubrostipa, thick trunksM $25.00  L $35.00
Adansonia rubrostipa (Madagascar)                     (formerly A. fony)Thick, woody rootsM$25.00  L $35.00
Adansonia za              (Madagascar)Thick trunk, long petiolate leafletsM $25.00  L $35.00
Adenium obesum          
"Desert Rose" - thick, bottle-shaped succulent with red flowersS $15.00  M $25.00 L $50.00
Agave americana expansa*     (Mexico)Rigid, fleshy leaves with sharp spinesM $15.00  L $25.00  SP $55.00
Agave americana variegata  (Mexico)Yellow edges with light green center stripesXL $50.00
Agave americana variegata medio-picta*     (Mexico)Light green with white stripesL $50.00
 Agave geminiflora   (Mexico)Very dense rosette on a short stem;  linear, very narrow leaves - RareM $25.00
Alluadia procera    (Madagascar)Few branches with conical thornsM $20.00 L $30.00
Aloe barberae      (S.Africa)                                       (formerly A. bainesii)One of the largest tree Aloes - leathery and concave leaves with small marginal pricklesM $35.00   L $45.00                             
Aloe dichotoma      (S.Africa)Tree aloeS $10.00 M $15.00
Araucaria excelsa           (Australia)"Norfolk Island Pine" - indoor evergreenM $10.00
Beaucarnea recurvata              
Ponytail palm M $15.00 L $25.00 SP $75.00
Bombax ellipticum
"Shaving Brush Tree" - nice bulbous baseM $25.00 L$50.00

SP $65.00-$150.00                                                                          

Brachychiton  acerifolius         (Australia)Bright green, maple-like leaf M $20.00  L $35.00
Brachychiton discolor           (Australia)Thick, trunk-forming base, velvet-like oak leaves, tallest of the Bottle treesM $20.00 L $30.00 SP $50.00 and up
Brachychiton populneus          (Australia)Bottle tree, ovate dark green leaves M $15.00 L $25.00 SP $50.00 and up
Brachychiton rupestris      
Bottle tree, palmate leaves, forms nice trunk M $20.00 L $30.00 SP $50.00 and up
Bursera fagaroides             (Mexico)Excellent indoor bonsai - peeling bark,  pinnate leaves,  gnarly trunk, winter dormancy                                                                    (Highly  recommended) M $35.00 L $55.00 XL $75.00
Bursera fagaroides
(See above)SP$75.00 - $200.00
Bursera simaruba    (Mexico)"Gumbo Limbo" - great indoor tree, large leavesL $40.00   XL $75.00 and up
Bursera simplicifolia            (Mexico)  Grayish bark, oval-shaped leavesSP $55.00 and up
Calibanus hookeri                     (Mexico)Corky bark, grass-like leaves, rareM $25.00  L $35.00  
Catalpa bignonioides              (Asia)"Indian Bean Tree", heart-shaped leaves M $20.00   L $35.00
Ceiba acuminata                    (Mexico)Kapok tree, thornless trunkM $25.00   L $50.00
Ceiba pentandra
Kapok tree,thorny trunk, interesting tree form M $25.00  L $55.00
Chamaedorea seifrizii (Mexico)Bamboo palm, bonsai-ableM $35.00
Chorisia speciosa
"Silk Floss Tree" - thorny trunk M $25.00 L $50.00 XL $65.00 
Cissus tuberosa      


Deciduous vine, fast growing - winter dormancyM $25.00          
Cordyline australis         (New Zealand)Giant dracaena; erect palm-like tree, lance-shaped to linear, light green leavesL $50.00
Crassula portulacea         (S. Africa)Jade plant with fleshy, obovate pointed leavesM $25.00  L $30.00  

SP $75.00

Cussonia paniculata(S.Africa)"Cabbage Tree" - very interesting base, attractive leafM $25.00   L $50.00
Cyphostemma juttae
African Tree Grape - thick, succulent leaves with peeling barkM $25.00   L $40.00   XL$75.00    
Delonix adansonoides  (Madagascar) Swollen trunk, pinnate leaves, peeling barkM $25.00   L$55.00                  
Delonix decaryii       (Madagascar)                 Bottle-shaped trunk, similar to D. adansonoidesM $25.00     L $55.00     

XL $65.00

Euphorbia misera
Delicate leaves, arching branches, rareM $65.00   L $100.00            

XL $150.00  SP $200.00 and up

Ficus altissima                  (Mexico)Glossy leaves, fast-growingM $12.50    L $18.50
Ficus benghalensis     (S.Asia)Glossy leaves, aerial rootsL $35.00   XL$55.00              
Ficus decora         (Indonesia)"Indian Rubber Tree" - reddish tint under leavesL $35.00
Ficus natalensis     (S.Africa)Dark green leaves, aerial roots, grows tall - Rare M $25.00   L $35.00     SP $50.00 and up
Ficus palmeri
"Rock Fig" - great bonsai, pre-shaped and bonsai-ableM $25.00   L $65.00   SP $100.00 and up
Ficus petiolaris
"Lava Fig" - great bonsai, pre-shaped and bonsai-able M $25.00 L $65.00                 SP $100.00 and up
Ficus retusa            (S.China)Thick trunk with aerial rootsSP $150.00 - $200.00
Ficus sycomorus       (Egypt)"Mulberry fig" - papery leaves M $25.00 L $35.00
Fockea edulis          (S.Africa)Vine-like foliage, very large base, similar to F. cylindricaXL $65.00   SP  $75.00 and up
Fouquieria diguetii
Thorny and branchedM $25.00  L $40.00
Fouquieria splendens           (Mexico)"Ocotillo" - thorny desert dwellerM $20.00  L $35.00
Ginkgo biloba                  (China)       "Maidenhair Tree" - broad, fan-like leavesM $25.00
Gymnocladus dioica           (E.Asia)"Kentucky Coffee Tree" - alternate pinnate leaves, forms nice trunk M $25.00
Haematoxylum campechianum (West Indies)"Bloodwood Tree" - very rare - new to West Coast - red sap, feather-like leavesSP $100.00-$150.00
Jacaratia corumbensis
(S.America)             (formerly J. hassleriana)
Very interesting plant from the Carica family, succulent bonsai papaya, rareL $40.00  SP $55.00 and up
Jatropha curcas                 (Mexico)Small tree with smooth bark, large leavesL $25.00  SP $50.00  and up
Jatropha multifeda   (Mexico)Lacy leaf, desirable plantSP $75.00 and up
Jatropha podagrica          (W. Indies)Bottle-shaped succulent plantM $25.00   L $45.00  

SP $75.00 and up

Kalanchoe daigremontiana    (Africa)"Devil's Backbone"M $15.00  L $25.00
Kalanchoe prolifera       
Beautiful, emerald green leaves, rareM $15.00      L $25.00
Mirabilis jalapa            (Peru)Forms large underground tuber, pink flowersS $8.50  M $15.00  L $35.00
Nandina domestica       (Asia)"Heavenly Bamboo" - red berriesM $25.00     L $35.00
Operculicarya decaryii
Well-branched, swollen base, shiny micro-leaves, very rareS $25.00  M $35.00  L $75.00 SP $100.00 and up          (Limited Supply)
Oxalis carnosum             (Peru)Winter grower, forms nice caudex, yellow flowersS $10.00 M $15.00 L $25.00 
Pachira aquatica          (South America)"Malabar Chestnut" - leathery, oblong leaflets, woody trunkS $20.00  M $25.00 L $30.00

SP $75.00 (5 braided trunks)

Pachycormus discolor
Great for bonsai, nice trunk, papery bark, tiny, green, pinnate leaves (Shipped only in pots) S $25.00   M $35.00  
 Pachypodium lamerei              (Africa)"Madagascar Palm" - succulent plant with thornsM $20.00    L $30.00   

XL $50.00  

Pachypodium saundersii
Very spiny with striped flowersM $25.00 L $45.00 SP $100.00
Pandanus utilis               (India)"Screwpine" - branching, spiral rosettes of thick, leathery leavesM $25.00    L $45.00
Pelargonium carnosum (Africa)Thick stems, fast-growingM $25.00   L $40.00                 
Pereskia grandiflora   (Brazil)Tree with big thorns, pink flowersS $15.00  M $22.50   

L $30.00   SP $45.00  and up

Phytolacca dioica
Caudex - forming, very fast-growingS $15.00    M $25.00  
Polyscias fruticosa          (Malaysia)"Ming Aralia" - willowy branches and feathery leaves; woody stumps - very tropicalSP  $50.00 and up
Polyscias scutellaria               (Java)Heart-shaped to oval, saucer-like dark green leaves; woody stumps - very tropicalSP  $50.00 and up
Portulacaria afra                (S. Africa)"Elephant Bush" - succulent shrub with thick, fleshy stems and small obovate leavesM $25.00  L $45.00  SP $65.00
Sansevieria sp.                    (Africa)Various species in assorted sizesInquire for special sale prices.
Schefflera arboricola
Dwarf schefflera, aerial roots, great for bonsaiM $20.00  L $30.00 

XL $45.00  SP $65.00

Scilla violacea        (S.Africa)Green and purple leaves, white flowers, drought tolerant, bulbousM $20.00 (clumps)
Serissa foetida          (China)"Snow Rose" - rooted, clump-formed cuttings, perfect for bonsaiM $12.50 L $25.00 XL $40.00
Synadenium grantii     (Africa)Great indoor plant with succulent leaves, fast growerM $15.00   L $25.00   XL $40.00
Synadenium grantii rubra  (Zimbabwe)Variety with red to purple-red leavesM $20.00 L $30.00  XL $45.00
Talinum paniculatum          (Mexico)Fast-growing, caudex-forming, white flowersS $6.50 M $10.00 L $20.00
Tamarindus indica    (Tropical Africa)"Tamarind Tree" - feathery, pinnate leavesS $10.50   M $18.50  
Yucca carneroseana   (N.E.Mexico)Forms large, woody trunk, moderately cold tolerantM $10.00   L $25.00
Yucca filamentosa* (Northeastern U.S.)"Adam's Needle" - bold rosette, nearly stemless, with stiff, sword-shaped leavesM $8.50   L $20.00
Yucca recurvifolia variegata*  (U.S.)Lax rosette of recurving, bright yellow leaves with green margins Very RareM $25.00   L $55.00
Yucca rigida*                   (N. Mexico)"Blue Yucca" - very rigid leaves with tiny teethM $35.00  L $55.00
Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Zanzibar)Tropical herb with thick horizontal rhizomes$15.00 per stalk



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